How much does a web site cost?

Our sites start at $750. We do offer payment plans and take payments online via PayPal.  However, there are quite a few factors that are going to affect the ultimate cost of your web site. These factors include how many pages you are going to have, if you will sell products on your website, the graphic work involved, and how interactive your future web site will be.  That’s why we ask that you complete this Soul Pitt Media Web Questionnaire Form

Do I need to hire a “local” web site designer?

Soul Pitt Media creates web sites for clients who are local as well as out of state. By using the Internet, email and the telephone, it is possible to communicate effectively with clients in any location.

How long does it take to have a web site designed?

The time frame is determined by the size of your web site, the complexity of your site design, and our current client design schedule.

What is a URL or Domain Name?

It stands for “universal resource locator”. This is the address typed in to view your web page on the Internet. For example, you would type in www.soulpittmedia.com to access our home page.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a monthly fee that you pay to have your site accessible on the Internet. We provide web hosting for our clients at $10 per month.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is originally used as a blogging platform.  We are big believers in what a great tool WordPress is to power your small business website. WordPress doesn’t have to look like a blog, and it provides a way to manage your content and update your website effortlessly.

One of the other benefits of using WordPress for your website of course, is that you have a website and a blog all in one. And a blog is a great way to build traffic to your website.

I’ve made my decision – I want you to design my web site.  Now what do I do?

If you have decided you want a web site or have any questions, simply fill out our Soul Pitt Media Web Questionnaire Form to start the process.

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